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Summer Open Results

June 12th, 2024

The Consensus Summer Open was held at two sites earlier this month. Congratulations to Waterloo Farore (Micah, Caleb, Ahmed, and Nicolaus) for winning the Waterloo site, and to EC-ℵ0 (Henry, Zhenglin, and Kevin) for winning the Ottawa site! Full results can be found here for Waterloo and Ottawa.

Consensus High School Championship Results

May 27th, 2024

The 2023-24 high school championship has concluded (prelims | playoffs), with the University of Toronto Schools taking home the Rein Otsason trophy following their 410-315 win over Renert School! Huge congratulations to UTS for their back-to-back wins, to Renert and Glebe for their second- and third-place finishes, and to all ten teams for their incredibly high-calibre performances over a weekend of closely-fought games. [read more]

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What is Consensus Trivia?

Consensus Trivia is a fast-paced, buzzer-based trivia format for teams of four. We currently run tournaments for high schools in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, as well as universities in Ontario, and are always looking to expand to other provinces and regions. [read more]